Discs Rotors and Drums

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Discs Rotors and Drums

Lilydale Brake & Clutch has an extensive range of standard replacement & performance quality disc rotors for passenger cars, 4WD’S & other commercial vehicles. There is also a huge range of brake drums for all vehicles including some of our older “classic” vehicles of yesteryear.

Bosch, DBA, Bremtech, Powerstop, RDA, Protex are trusted names in the brake industry! Our range of these brands of disc rotors & drums is extensive & will cover all of your requirements.


Bosch Brake Discs

Ensure responsive braking every time: Bosch brake discs have high thermal conductivity, allowing the discs to run cooler for consistent high-performance braking.

Bosch Brake Drum

Powerful braking capability is critical: Bosch Brake drums deliver even at high load, making them the first-choice replacement when the current drums inside diameter limit is exceeded or cracks occur.

High Performance Brake Disc Rotor

Bremtec EVOLVE Performance High-Carbon brake disc rotors deliver superior braking characteristics for high performance driving requirements. Born from racing technology, high carbon rotors come standard on many luxury and high performance vehicles. This high quality rotor provides better performance and response for entry level race & street vehicle types in all demanding driving conditions.

Superior Braking for European SUVs& Light Commercial

Longer Lasting, Heavy-Duty Rotors
OE quality European disc rotors with High Carbon Metallurgy and GeoZinc Coating. Manufactured for high resistance to cracking, providing longer brake system life.
Product Benefits include High Resistance to Cracking and Longer Brake System Life


Rotors & Drums

The new POWERSTOP Rotors and Drums are developed from OE samples and made of a specialised high carbon material for added strength and sound dampening qualities.Our Rotors come with a lateral runout of 0.1mm or less and are mill balanced for a thickness variation of less than 0.01mm. POWERSTOP Rotors and Drums are inspected throughout the manufacturing process for consistency and quality.

Powerstop Rotor

PowerStop Rotors deliver reliable stopping power and exceptional heat dissipation for daily driving or more demanding conditions. Coated for rust resistance, these rotors are designed for longevity and consistent performance.


Ultra Disc Rotors

The Protex Ultra Disc Rotor, specifically crafted for Australian vehicles, boasts a precision-balanced design made of durable cast iron, adapted with multiple vane structures to cater to various cars. Enhanced with our unique Ultracoat Z360 coating, it resists corrosion for extended life and ensures an effortless fit. As a part of the Protex Ultra series, this rotor delivers reliable, high-quality braking for daily driving.

Ultra Performance Disc

Ultra Performance Disc Rotors

The Ultra Performance Disc Rotor delivers on all fronts for drivers seeking a more demanding brake system. Crafted from high carbon cast iron, it ensures thermal stability, quiet braking, and superior performance under strenuous conditions. The rotor features various vane designs like pillar, straight, and curves, enhancing cooling during intense braking. With options in slotted, drilled, or flat surface finishes, it caters to different driving requirements. Coated with our Ultracoat Z360, this rotor resists corrosion, offering an extended lifespan, and comes ready-to-install, saving time and labour costs.


Ultra 4WD Disc

Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor

Engineered for durability and versatility, the Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor is precision-balanced and composed of high-carbon material. Designed to endure tough off-road terrains, towing, heavy-duty use, and yet suitable for daily driving, this rotor epitomises strength and flexibility. Its unique 6-slot design increases stopping power and minimises pad glazing, while various vane configurations, including pillar, straight, and curved, provide optimal cooling during high-temperature braking. Coated with our exclusive Ultracoat Z360, the Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor ensures corrosion resistance and longevity. With no cleaning needed for installation, it promotes a cost-efficient fit.

brake bonders

Brake Bonders

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DBA Street Series

Street Series direct replacement rotors are ideal for drivers seeking an OE level performance upgrade. Street Series rotors are the perfect option for drivers looking for a direct OE replacement disc rotor that is built using the highest quality manufacturing processes, materials and proven safety, thanks to DBA’s over 40 years’ experience in braking.

DBA 4000 Series

4000 Series disc brake rotors are a direct replacement single piece brake rotor, designed for drivers seeking upgraded performance braking above and beyond standard OE levels.

DBA Brake Drums

Street Series drums are precision manufactured and balanced with strictly controlled tolerances. Metallurgical density enhances quiet braking and low brake shoe wear.

Brembo: A Benchmark in Braking Excellence

Brembo offers every vehicle the quality and performance of a global leader in braking systems. The high level of technology and the company’s vast experience producing systems for major car manufacturers, combined with complete control of the production process, allows Brmebo to provide the widest and most reliable range of spare parts, covering more than 96% of the vehicles on the road today.

Brembo also means consistent quality of every component and an attentive after-sale service. A road-tested choice for all cars.

Founded in Italy, Brembo has become synonymous with high-performance braking systems. Renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality, Brembo’s brake components are engineered to meet the demands of high-speed driving and intense braking scenarios. Whether it’s for a high-performance road car, a competitive race car, or a powerful motorcycle, Brembo’s extensive range of brake calipers, discs, and pads are crafted with precision to provide unparalleled braking efficiency. Their vibrant aesthetics and distinctive designs also add a touch of sophistication to any vehicle, reflecting a blend of Italian artistry and technical mastery. Trusted by top automotive manufacturers and motorsports teams, Brembo’s braking solutions are the preferred choice for those who demand nothing less than the best in safety and performance.