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Brake Pads Replacement

Your Vehicle's Essential Safety Feature

At Lilydale Brake & Clutch, we understand the significance of dependable braking in ensuring safe driving. That’s why, along with offering an extensive range of brake pads for both passenger and commercial vehicles, we specialise in brake pads replacement. From the daily commute to heavy-duty performance, our selection of trusted brands, including Powerstop, Bosch, Bremtec, and more, is engineered to provide peace of mind and steadfast reliability on Victoria’s roads. Delve into our varied options to find the brake pads fitting your specific driving needs, be it low dust emission, cleaner wheels, top-tier braking, or state-of-the-art ceramic technology. Your safety remains our utmost priority. Reach out to our proficient team in Lilydale today, and let us guide you to the ideal brake solution for your vehicle.


Bosch Brake Pads

Peace of mind is guaranteed: Bosch disc brake pads ensure top braking performance with individual solutions for almost all vehicle models thanks to meticulous research, development, production and testing.

brake pads replacement
brake pads replacement



Low Dust, Cleaner Wheels, Superior Braking.
OE quality European brake pads delivering heavy duty performance and superior braking under load for European SUVs and Light Commercial makes.

Proline Brake Pads

Formulated for increased stopping power and durability when towing, fully loaded or for drivers that demand an upgrade from Standard or OEM pads.

Bremtec Endure

Bremtec Pro-Line brake pads are manufactured using a new advanced ceramic formulation. Using the SAE J2522 industry standard dyno testing Pro-Line had tested a higher Coefficient rating over our competitor.

Bremtec Endure

EVOLVE® brake pads offer maximum braking efficiencies at the highest temperatures and repeated hard stops. Bremtec EVOLVE® performance brake pads offer excellent initial cold bite stopping power and high resistance to brake fade.


Brake Bonders

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Titanium 4WD

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Hi-Q general purpose brake pads stop gently and quietly, promising safety and comfort for everyday motorists. The advanced ceramic technology and environmentally friendly formulations offer the perfect solution for a wide range of vehicles on Australia’s roads.

  • Consistent friction coefficient at any everyday driving conditions, regardless of vehicle models, or ambient temperature. This ensures reliable and confident braking power
  • Advanced ceramic technology. No asbestos or glass fibre used in the pad compounds. No heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium or any other harmful substances
  • Low disc rotor wear thanks to low abrasive formulation
  • Low noise, OE technology
  • Large range covers almost everything from small cars to large SUVs and European vehicles.

General Purpos Brake Pads

ECE R90 approved. Low Noise by avoiding squeal and judder. Engineered to excel in the most extreme conditions. Dynamo tested for optimum performance. Designed for thermal heat dissipation.

Hi-Q Severe Duty

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GOMAXX Disc Brake Pads

Gomaxx has been specialising in developing ever-improving brake pads and friction materials since its foundation in 2016. From the beginning, Gomaxx mission has been to bring the best and most reliable brake pads to Australian drivers, and at Lilydale Brake & Clutch that’s what we do too. Whether you need performance pads, premium pads for your everyday vehicle, or even carbon fibre pads, BrakeWest has the Gomaxx disc brake pad to suit your needs.

Gomaxx Disc Rotors

Your brakes are crucial to the safety of your vehicle and its passengers, and that’s why at Lilydale Brake & Clutch we stock and fit only the best brake components. Our disc rotors have been tried and tested, and are manufactured to OE standards by the world’s best disc rotor manufacturers. Australian drivers demand disc rotors that offer consistent, reliable and that’s what we deliver.

GoMaxx Heavy Duty

Ideal for 4WDs and commercial vehicles.Tiger print enhanced. this formula allows for better heat dissipation smooth pedal feel and stable pedal force. Predictable fade. Working Temp up to 600 deg C.

Gomaxx Blue

Formulated for general passenger cars. Consistent pedal feel. Minimal bedding in required. Predictable fade. Working temp up to 450 deg C. Quiet



Street Series

Aimed at the OE replacement market, the range was developed with three technical objectives in mind – create a brake pad that performs at OE level or better, offers the best friction formulation for the application, and complements DBA’s long-established, market-leading range of STREET SERIES disc rotors.

Street Performance

Street Performance brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking improved braking characteristics over traditional OE brake pads. Street Performance is the next step up for all vehicles, developed to provide an effective friction response to pedal application and offer low wear and dust minimisation.

Xtreme Performance

Xtreme Performance brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking high initial bite and friction consistency from low to high temperatures. The XP range is for heavy duty applications, where higher friction levels are required to safely brake under extreme conditions.

Race Performance

Race Performancebrake pads are designed for track/circuit use, where temperatures are above 350ºC (662ºF). The pad is enhanced with carbon fibre for high strength and offers stable friction at extreme temperatures.