Lilydale Brake & Clutch has an extensive range of standard replacement & performance quality disc rotors for passenger cars, 4WD’S & other commercial vehicles. There is also a huge range of brake drums for all vehicles including some of our older “classic” vehicles of yesteryear.

DBA, PROTEX, BREMBO & RDA are trusted names in the brake industry! Our range of these brands of disc rotors & drums is extensive & will cover all of your requirements.

Protex Disc Rotors

The Protex Range of disc rotors and drums has been established and proven in the market for over a decade. Protex disc rotors and drums are now recognised as a leading brand in the automotive aftermarket. The range now has over 1900 references.

Both hat and hub type rotors areavailable for most vehicles.

All Protex rotors and drums are manufactured by world class manufacturers

We stock:

  • Protex groove and Ultra Street brake disc rotors
  • Protex standard brake disc rotors

Protex Brake Drums

Protex Brake Drums are available in a wide range of applications to suit all popular drum brake models. From the smaller two door hatch right up to the largest commercial vehicles. There is a Protex brake drum to suit your application.


RDA Brakes

RDA has been in the Australian brake industry for many, many years. Market leaders in the distribution of disc rotors& brake drums with an extensive range of product available for vehicles dating back to the 1950’s right up to current models. Standard replacement disc rotors as well as performance slotted & dimpled rotors will enhance your vehicles braking immensely.



DBA is Australia’s most highly recognised manufacture of automotive after market products. With over three decades of manufacturing expertise, DBA continues to supply premium performance disc brake rotors. DBA have many different disc rotors to suit the many different performance applications in today’s market. DBA have the perfect disc rotor to suit street & track use, enhancing the stopping performance on any car, in any climate & environment. The slotted design on the rotor allows for friction material gasses to escape quicker, which enables more consistent & peak performance braking.