4WD Parts

Your experts at Lilydale Brake & Clutch can give you the most sound, professional advice about what’s best for the conditions you want to travel in, the recommended parts that are available, and those that are the most suitable to your needs and driving destinations. We’ll make sure you leave home safely – and with all the right gear.

  • Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch – Purpose engineered to meet the demands of serious off-road driving and 4×4 enthusiasts, it’s the only clutch sure to deliver performance and reliability at all times.
  • Bremtec Endure Disc Pads
  • QFM 4WD Disc pads
  • Whiteline Suspension Bushes
  • King Springs
  • Extended Brake Hoses & Lines
  • DBA 4WD Disc Rotors