Repairs and Service


No matter whether you’re towing a horse float, caravan, single axle, tandem or boat trailer, we’ve got you covered with various braking systems to perform under your driving conditions. Talk to us about the effectiveness of hydraulic, vacuum, mechanical and electrical brakes, and what type best suits your needs. They don’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ package.


Have you ever wondered why you often see a trailer on the side of the road missing a wheel?  This is often due to lack of wheel bearing servicing and maintenance!  It could happen to you, and result in a massive inconvenience, or a major disruption to you and your family’s plans.  Imagine a delayed camping holiday, the fishing trip you didn’t make it to, and/or a day of work lost.   CALL US at LBC and have your caravan or trailer checked – BEFORE you leave home